Welcome! My name's Alex Finney and I'm a web developer

Below is a collection of work that I'd like you to see. If you look up above you can find a link to my CV, where you'll also find my contact details.

  • Them Arts

    This is a gallery I designed for myself, to show things I couldn't add to this portfolio, such as photos or illustrations.

    Ultimately it didn't find much use, so it doesn't exist as a separate site anymore.

  • Right Earl

    Right Earl, as the name suggests, allows you to find the right Earl for you.

    Those who find themselves thinking 'I wish I could find my Earl' can think 'I wish I could find my Earl' no more.

    This was made as a bit of fun for a couple of friends.

  • Makeup By Amy

    This was a website created for a currently freelance makeup artist; Amy Naughalty. The gallery is built with PHP and MySQL and is updated through a small custom built CMS. 'Pretty URLs' were added as well.

    The live website design has since been updated.

  • Clarke Evening News

    This site was made for a creative writer, Alistair Clarke, who wanted a website for showcasing his work.

    The design is kept simple, and the aim was to resemble a newspaper, due to the content.

    The site uses a small custom CMS to manage categories and content.

  • illusions Hairdressing

    This site was created for a hair salon in Bristol; illusions.

    There was no real brief, so it was a chance to experiment a little with some design ideas.

    The business colours consisted of mostly silver, so I experimented a little with colours that could be associated with hairdressing to make the site a little more interesting.

  • Old Portfolio

    This design was the previous portfolio I used. I decided to try something a bit different and made a horizontal scrolling site, rather than vertical, and also had it scroll right to left.

    I decided to move on from this design as I wanted to build something simpler, cleaner and responsive.

  • Old Portfolio CMS demo

    This is a demonstration version of the CMS I used to use to update my portfolio. It's built using AJAX where possible to create a nice UI and make it easier to update the site. A brief introduction text can be found in the top menu.

    I also chose to build this to learn more about AJAX in user interfaces, something I was relatively new to at the time.

  • Geodeasy

    This site was designed and created for a business called Geodeasy. The company specialises in the hire of geodesic domes for various events, and so the site was designed and coloured to reflect this.

    Please note that there are a few images and videos included in the design which I do not own, if these belong to you and you'd like them removed please let me know.

  • eposIT Solutions

    This is a 'coming soon' page for a company called eposIT, dealing in EPOS and IT based products and solutions.

    There's nothing really relating to the company included in the design, it's just meant to look appealing and give a nice first impression when arriving at the site.

  • Intoxicology

    This is an under construction page created for a company called Intoxicology - 'Event Cocktail Specialists'.

    The under construction page was put up on the 15th July 2009. The site has since, unfortunately, been taken down.

  • Transtek Services

    Implemented on 25th November 2007, and no longer available on the live domain, this is the 'Under Construction' page for the company Transtek Services.

    The company provides bodywork repair, among other things, so the design incorporates this with the 'painted' title and spray gun graphic.